Release Notes


August – Release 15.9

• User/Client-specific customization of portal colors and logos
• Introduction of customizable widgets on blank pages
• Optimization of content elements (thumbnails, search function)
• Optimization of supplementary documents
• UI optimization in the admin

July – Release 15.8

• Introduction of user attributes
• Automatic notifications for SFTP & ERP transfers
• UI optimization in the admin (multi-selection, category management, DAM)
• Optimization of image elements in the layout editor

June – Release 15.7

• Automated barcode generation
• New fly-in in the shopping cart
• Cropping of image elements
• UI optimization in the admin
• Thumbnail preview function

May – Release 15.6

• Optimization of the user interface in the backend and frontend
   - Display of editable documents in the layout editor
   - Price presentation and text transformation
   - Explanatory texts in the admin
• Optimization of the product overview (long product names and description texts)

April – Release 15.5

• Optimization of address processing
• Introduction of mandatory fields
• Introduction of user-specific addresses
• Optimization of the quick checkout

March – Release 15.4

• Referencing documents
• Download of product images in the portal
• Extension of the search (products, clients, client groups)

February – Release 15.3

• Automatic generation of product image from project setups
• Extension of the checkout process (Customized Buttons)
• Multiple selection of products
• Store icons on product tiles
• Bulk processing of variants (import / export)

January – Release 15.2

• Filter function via tags in the portal
• Extension of the tags in the admin
• Optimization of the price display
• Bulk processing of products and prices (import / export)
• Import - Automation


December – Release 15.1

 Extension of checkout process
Product units & pricing
Extension of project execution
Optimized download option for documents

October & November – Release 15.0

Decoupling output and transfer
Categories in templates and media
Extension of the content pool by documents
Extension of the search function on the admin interface by article numbers

August & September – Release 14.2

• Optimization of the shopping cart and checkout process
• Extension of shipping options

  • Definition of shipping zones
  • Combining order options
  • Free shipping from X Euro

July – Release 14.1

• Introduction of the digital business card (digital vCard)
• Optimization of user interface
• Extension of the client editor for editing attribute values

Previous Releases

1st half year 2022

Release 13

• Whitelabeling of the admin
• Extension font manager
• Update: Antenna-House Version 7.2 (Renderer)
• Quick checkout of products
• Implementation of product tags and reports
• Widgets in product categories
• Extension of portal permissions
• Extension of system variables, system mails, navigation & individual specifications
• Email notification for messages
• Bulk processing of clients and users (import / export)
• Extension of marketing planning with quick checkout, participation indicator & color settings
• Sorting of characteristics and values
• Search function for client selection & switch
• Extension of widgets (outputs of a project setup, categories, product slider)
• Optimization and extension of marketing planning through client-specific marketing planning and anonymization of campaigns and products
• Extension of ERP integrations (transfer to third party systems per supplier)
• Extension of the order scale with additional costs
• Extension of shipping costs - Part 1 (weight & quantity scale)
• Configuration of the background color of product tiles
• Definition of the homescreen icon
• Extension of multilingualism

2nd half year 2021

Release 12

• Portal 2.0 (Responsive-Design)
• Customizing of system mails
• Simplified process of masking the portal
• Installation and management of fonts with font manager
• Whitelabeling of admins
• Optimization of the web and e-mail document editor

1st half year 2021

Release 11

Optimization of the Layout Editor
• Loading speed, performance, design, usability
• Template management (size templates)
• Document settings in the Layout Editor
• Showing and hiding of inspector, layers, media boxes, rulers
• Create multiple pages at the same time
• Duplicate and multiple duplicate pages as well as collapse and expand pages
• Element indicators show whether an element is editable, variable or whether a content pool is stored.
• Show, hide and duplicate elements
• Element picker for editing the element size or its rotation
• Color definition of QR codes in RGB and CMYK