Industries // Restaurants & System Gastronomy

Especially in big cities, the competitive pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and social media is increasing this competitive pressure. The offer is growing continuously and the guest is spoilt for choice every time. WUNDERHUB combines central brand management and local marketing.

Industries // Restaurants & System Gastronomy

Stronger brand identity with WUNDERHUB

The right marketing and a consistent appearance are crucial in the restaurants as well as at all touchpoints to convince guests. This is exactly where we start: The portal supports you in marketing management to perfectly combine central actions and concepts with regional & local conditions. Let the guest benefit from this and enable him to have a well-rounded experience. Combine central brand management with local marketing, strengthen the brand identity and thus the sales opportunities.

Practical examples

  • You need to react quickly and professionally to daily events and stock levels? Thanks to the marketing portal, custom-fit advertising packages / table displays / menus and much more can be created and printed. Waste management, thanks to perfect advertising, made easy!
  • New kitchen & restaurant equipment, such as work clothes, hygiene articles, tableware, etc. are currently ordered via the head office? This can change. Thanks to the WUNDERHUB marketing portal, give branches/restaurants the opportunity to order not only advertising materials, but also business equipment quickly & easily via the portal.
  • Do you have a company restaurant and offer various food concepts to generate interest among customers? Then you can now manage them even more easily and efficiently. The branches know which concepts are well received and can react to this individually / decide how often and with which advertising materials the respective food concept should be used.
Marketing Portal

WUNDERHUB inside – 

  • Consistent brand experience based on compliance with the corporate design
  • Central point of contact for all marketing activities
  • From pens to multi-stage campaigns - everything is possible
  • Individualization and personalization at local and recipient level
  • Use and evaluate relevant touchpoints of the customer journey
  • Digitization of marketing processes
  • Customizable interfaces for the best possible user experience
Wunderhub Demo

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What sounds good in theory looks even better in practice.
Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.