Industries // Hotels

Good ratings and a professional and consistent appearance are crucial for return and recommendation. Perfect marketing management enables central actions and concepts to be optimally combined with regional & local conditions.

Industries // Hotels

With WUNDERHUB comfortable – central brand management
and local marketing

With the combination of central brand management and local marketing, you create a consistent brand identity with an individual touch and thus a recognition value for your guests. Let them benefit from this and enable them to have a well-rounded experience.

Beispiele aus der Praxis:
A perfect experience for the guests often includes a visit to the hotel bar. Through individual special offers (special of the day, etc.) you enable the guests to have a relaxed & comfortable evening. The right advertising to go with it? No problem thanks to WUNDERHUB. Let individual hotels select, individualize and print suitable templates via the portal.
  • Individual guest approach from the reception, to the room, to the restaurant, the bar and the final departure? Thanks to the marketing portal, this can also be done easily via all desired media. As a head office, put together an advertising package for your hotels and let them personalize it.
  • Forgotten items in the room are part of everyday life. Enable CI-compliant direct & personalized addressing of the respective guest with the help of a mailing template and thus ensure increasing satisfaction.
  • Can individual offers or regional circumstances (trade fairs, festivals, etc.) be easily and quickly incorporated into the advertising? With WUNDERHUB, templates can also be made available to the hotels by the head office. Individual adjustments in the hotel CI are thus possible in no time at all.
Marketing Portal

WUNDERHUB inside – 

  • Consistent brand experience based on compliance with the corporate design
  • Central point of contact for all marketing activities
  • From pens to multi-stage campaigns - everything is possible
  • Individualization and personalization at local and recipient level
  • Use and evaluate relevant touchpoints of the customer journey
  • Digitization of marketing processes
  • Customizable interfaces for the best possible user experience
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What sounds good in theory looks even better in practice.
Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.