Industries // Franchise

Franchisors attach great importance to uniform and consistent brand management. Franchisees want flexible local adaptation of measures to regional needs. WUNDERHUB supports both.

Industries // Franchise

Advantage through

WUNDERHUB centrally manages the stored promotions and advertising materials and makes them accessible to the partners for local adaptation in an intuitive and easy-to-implement manner. Texts and images can be adapted naturally in the specified corporate design. Satisfied franchisors, satisfied franchisees, satisfied local customers.

WUNDERHUB combines central brand management and local marketing.
The marketing portal fulfills virtually all wishes at once: franchisors centrally store various marketing materials such as flyers, e-mails or print mailings and specify which elements may be individualized. Franchisees can access these templates in a defined process, individualize them and thus adapt them to their local needs and specifics. Texts and images can be adapted variably – the corporate design, on the other hand, remains "untouched".

Marketing Portal

WUNDERHUB inside – 

  • Consistent brand experience based on compliance with the corporate design
  • Central point of contact for all marketing activities
  • From pens to multi-stage campaigns - everything is possible
  • Individualization and personalization at local and recipient level
  • Use and evaluate relevant touchpoints of the customer journey
  • Digitization of marketing processes
  • Customizable interfaces for the best possible user experience
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What sounds good in theory looks even better in practice.
Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.