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Centrally controlled marketing and brand management - for your industry and many others!
Branding, brand management, communication, purchasing and demand processes incl. fulfillment solution and many more: WUNDERHUB makes it all possible. Smooth processes inside, flawless consistent performance outside.


Local marketing and brand management for my industry

Regional promotions, standard advertising media, all types of campaigns (on and offline) and every person involved always up to date: this is a real digital booster for every industry. We show a few examples here. And, if desired, we will be happy to discuss individual adjustments with you personally.

Print & Media

One application - numerous potentials for optimization

The market and competitive environment are challenging in every respect for the print and media industry. Innovative and pragmatic ideas and innovations are needed to gain a competitive edge. WUNDERHUB as a flexible software solution offers exactly the right and important features:


Individual, local, smart, ready

There is hardly any other industry where the changing framework conditions are as visible as in retail: vacancies in pedestrian zones and shopping centers are a consequence of the still growing online trade, which needs to be countered here. Brand management begins with consistent customer communication without deviations.


New areas of application and business

Advertising and marketing agencies are directly affected by the digital transformation. Customers want a realignment in terms of the marketing mix and a constantly more targeted customer approach. Image building and creative concepts have to prove themselves besides lead generation and conversion rates. Innovative solutions are needed here to remain competitive, to conquer new business areas and to successfully position the product "print" under the new framework conditions.


Perfekter und gastfreundlichster Markenauftritt mit WUNDERHUB

The reasons for a hotel visit are as varied as the people themselves. Whether it's a business trip or a private visit with or without the family, one thing always remains the same - the desire to feel well taken care of. Of course, the room rate plays a decisive role in a guest's decision as to whether he or she can afford the hotel or not. But the final question for a hotel is always how many returning guests they can record and how comfortable a guest feels with them.

Sales Unit

Individualized marketing communication for more success

Anyone who works in sales knows: generating new business is becoming increasingly difficult and competition is fierce. Global competition, the high price sensitivity of customers, a new transparency due to digitalization and the exchange via social networks - all these factors contribute to the fact that a new concept is required to retain existing customers and find new ones.

Travel & Tourism

5 stars for the individualized customer approach

In the vacation industry, products and services - if not online - are often marketed via local sales units. Success with the customer is thus strongly linked to the success of the local entities. These require optimal support in the area of marketing and sales.        


Strong performance and the same look in many locations

A franchise holder benefits from the strong brand and high recognition value. Customers trust the reliable product and service quality. The brand is mainly shaped by independent franchise holders who position and market it at the POS. This is where two interests meet.        

Restaurant & Gastro

Stronger brand identity with WUNDERHUB

A visit to a restaurant should be something special for every guest. Ambience and food as well as the service must convince and represent the figurehead of each restaurant. The more comfortable a guest feels with you and the more satisfied he is with your price-performance ratio, the higher the probability that you have won a new regular guest.


Personalized member communication in complex structures

Stronger together - that is the success principle of associations, clubs, authorities, parties and (non-profit) organizations. However, it is precisely this joint appearance that is often a challenge in terms of public image. This is because most associations have a hierarchical structure with a large number of sub-organizations. Communication usually takes place on two levels: internally between the board and sub-organizations, and externally between associations and members.

Industrial Sector

Worldwide on the market – with the same face

For globally active industrial companies, it is an important as well as challenging requirement to be present in every country and at every point of sale with consistent recognizability. WUNDERHUB ensures that all standards of brand management and presence are available and automatically followed across countries.

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What sounds good in theory looks even better in practice.
Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.