Industries // Sales Units

To support sales, sales units use a wide variety of channels: Offer sheets, customer letters, web banners, POS media and many more. A personal and individual approach to the (potential) customer is increasingly becoming the key factor. This increases sales and loyalty. One of the biggest challenges for sales organizations is to achieve this under high time and cost pressure.

Industries // Sales Units

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WUNDERHUB makes all this and much more possible – easily, quickly and with a mouse click. Intensify local marketing activities and directly keep track of the implementation on site! WUNDERHUB provides your local sales partners with a customization option that enables them to cover the entire process of creating cross-media communication.

The head office offers sales partners a wide range of marketing materials on the portal - offer brochures, newsletters, displays and much more. The highlight: All advertising materials can be individualized. The individual local partners can access the templates provided in a defined process and adapt them to their needs. Texts and images can be adapted variably - the corporate design, on the other hand, remains "untouched". This way you can be sure that the design specifications are followed. Use the option to combine globally developed communication with local messages. The communication templates are available to your partners worldwide and within seconds.

Marketing Portal

WUNDERHUB inside – 

  • Consistent brand experience based on compliance with the corporate design
  • Central point of contact for all marketing activities
  • From pens to multi-stage campaigns - everything is possible
  • Individualization and personalization at local and recipient level
  • Use and evaluate relevant touchpoints of the customer journey
  • Digitization of marketing processes
  • Customizable interfaces for the best possible user experience
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What sounds good in theory looks even better in practice.
Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.