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With over 200 locations and 12 strong brands such as Raab Karcher, Muffenrohr, Melle Gallhöfer and many more, STARK Deutschland - Germany's leading building materials distributor - is the network of successful generalists and specialists for building materials. With down-to-earth attitude, passion and pride, you meet your customers and business partners with the goal of continuous growth.

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The STARK marketing portal:
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Why STARK Deutschland loves WUNDERHUB?

  • Usability: Quick & easy to set up and use.
  • Responsive: Use on all devices - from mobile to tablet to laptop.
  • Planning: Thanks to marketing planning, all marketing activities are always under control.

Mission: One portal for everything








With over 200 locations, more than 5,000 employees and 12 strong brands, STARK Deutschland was faced with the challenge of bundling numerous processes within the group of companies in order to increase efficiency. With the WUNDERHUB marketing portal, all locations now have central access to the STARK Group's marketing offerings. What was previously distributed across eight platforms is now controlled by easy & smart WUNDERHUB. From business cards, laptop charging cables and headsets to business stationery, shirts and flyers - everything in just one portal to handle all orders & internal processes even faster and easier.

Marketing planning at its best

Thanks to WUNDERHUB marketing planning, all STARK employees have an overview of current or upcoming marketing activities at all times, such as social media posts, newsletters, through to banners on the websites.

In addition to internal use, the focus is on using marketing planning with external partners. Every year, STARK Deutschland holds annual meetings with its industry partners to define possible marketing activities and their time slots. The anonymization function in WUNDERHUB is essential in order to be able to show partners free slots as well as slots booked by other partners directly in the conversation without naming other partners.

Declaration of love

Henry Hansch – Leader Digital Marketing STARK Deutschland

Thanks to the WUNDERHUB marketing portal, we were able to optimize our internal ordering processes quickly and easily. For our colleagues in the branches, there is now only one STARK portal to place all their orders - from office equipment to individualized products.

The feedback from the branches is consistently positive and we can recommend WUNDERHUB with a clear conscience.


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