Want to create a digital business card? You don't need an app or other tools. Just use WUNDERHUB! That's right, your marketing portal not only helps you to optimize your marketing control, but also offers you the possibility to create your own digital business card. Use WUNDERHUB flexibly and customized to your needs.

Add-on // Digital Business Card

The digital business card takes networking to a new level!

Use the digital business card to create your individualized vCard in no time. Control your marketing planning, customize marketing materials and generate your vCard – all in one place and with just one software. That's WUNDERHUB!

vCard – the digital twin of the classic business card

You are asked for your contact details, but you don't have your printed business cards with you? With the digital business card this problem is a thing of the past. You can save all your contact data on the QR code. WUNDERHUB creates your personal wallet file from it, which you can easily & smartly add to your Apple or Google Wallet on your smartphone. So you always have it close at hand!

Networking with WOW effect!

If the person you are talking to scans your vCard with their smartphone, your saved contact data appears directly on their display. With just one click, the person you're talking to can easily and conveniently add you as a contact in their address book. You no longer have to waste your time typing in contact details which is buggy and time-consuming! No matter how, no matter when – with the digital business card you are always directly connected!

Digital Business Card

Create your own vCard with WUNDERHUB!

How it works

Central marketing defines the design of the digital business card via the administration interface. The individual partners (franchisees, branches, subsidiaries, etc.) design their individual digital business card via the branded closed store according to the specifications of the central marketing.

Individualising vCard

You decide which contact information to store on your digital business card. Your vCard can be customized super fast and easy.

vCard Order

Using the checkout process, WUNDERHUB generates your vCard as a wallet file that you can easily & smartly add to your Apple or Google Wallet.

vCard Wallet file

You need to update your contact data? No problem! Just update your pre-filled data, order again and update in your wallet.

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