Local Marketing – Empower your Local Heroes

Local Marketing – Empower your Local Heroes

Your branches, subsidiaries and partners are not sticking to the design guidelines? You are not sure whether your retail partners are even aware of the current campaigns? You also don't know which advertising measures your partners have carried out at all? For many companies, their own sales structure also makes communication and exchange among each other difficult. In addition, many partners would like to have individual advertising material. There is a simple and efficient solution to all these problems: use a marketing portal!

For your local trade partners, your local heroes, the following applies: focus on what works. And that is and remains successful distribution and sales at the point of sale. There is often little time left for marketing - so local marketing must be easy and quick to implement and deliver visible results. This is the only way to make marketing fun for everyone and pay off for your brand. Therefore, tough administrative tasks, tedious coordination and approval rounds or design attempts to create marketing material on your own are a no-go. All this costs you and your local heroes valuable time, motivation and nerves.

How to empower your colleagues at the point of sale (POS)

Help your local staff succeed in local marketing. There are so many great opportunities for regional marketing these days - both online and offline. But most of the time, your trading partners don't have the time to implement these measures. Reduce this workload, remove hurdles and make everything easier and faster - for your trading partners and your central marketing. The result is successful marketing on the site and, on top of that, you and your entire company benefit from the time and cost savings.

How is it working so far?

Presumably this is how it has gone so far? Your trade partners get an overview of current marketing campaigns. Which campaigns are running? Wasn't there another e-mail somewhere about an additional poster motif? This process alone can take up a lot of valuable time. This is followed by the implementation of the campaigns and measures. This manual implementation, often combined with an individual adaptation of the content, also consumes a lot of time. The result often does not match the corporate design, different colours or fonts are used. Many trading partners are also forced to acquire their own marketing know-how.

The marketing portal makes everything easier

WUNDERHUB / Marketingplanung

It is completely different with a marketing portal: Your central marketing department designs a current marketing campaign and stores all files in the new marketing portal. In addition, your marketing experts determine which areas of the files can be customised and which cannot. Your trading partners now have a fixed place where they can check at any time which campaign is currently running. From the files provided, they simply select which ones they want to use. These can now be individualised directly in the portal within the framework of the specifications. You don't need any marketing or design knowledge for this.

Local marketing made easy

Automated workflows, lean processes and fast results: This is how you can significantly support your retail partners. This leaves them free for successful marketing and at the same time enough time for their actual task: distribution and sales at the POS! In the marketing portal you provide them with image files, layouts, text files, videos or audio files - simply everything that you or your marketing department want to use for marketing. Your sales staff have all options open to them: offline and online, from business cards and shop fittings to websites or banners for social media. For everything, central marketing determines which areas the retail partners can customise: individual and local marketing at the simple click of a mouse.

The marketing portal for local marketing and central brand management

Successful marketing combines central brand management with individual and regionally adapted marketing - coherent, uniform and always CD-compliant. This not only ensures long-term customer loyalty, but also increases recognition. A uniform design that catches on even to the most distant trade partner. The brand wins.

A marketing portal can do much more than simply provide marketing material: After customisation, the marketing portal also prepares everything for actual use. Materials that are to be printed can be ordered from pre-deposited printers. Other materials such as advertising materials or give-aways can be ordered directly from the provider. Depending on the location, your trade partners can immediately share online files via integrated social media service providers such as Facebook or Instagram without losing time.

Conclusion: How to empower your local heroes

• Quick and easy communication
• Overview of current campaigns and all available marketing materials - at any time!
• All information such as design guides bundled in one place
• Customisation and individualisation at the click of a mouse
• Direct order and quick use of materials
• Simple, fast workflows and processes
• Professional, appealing marketing materials, without any knowledge of layout, design or marketing

WUNDERHUB / Marketingplanung

Make it easy for your local heroes with a marketing portal like WUNDERHUB! We'd love to show you how easy it is to do central branding and local marketing.


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