Usability – Simplicity is simply joy

Usability – Simplicity is simply joy

"The benefit of an innovative portal can only be as great as the users' desire to work with it.

We defined this guiding principle as the basis for the design of the user interface of WUNDERHUB. Because this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Or business from fun. Or burden from pleasure. Easy usability through intelligent and practical software ergonomics is the greatest competitive advantage, the sharpest differentiation and the best argument for simple and efficient process optimisation with WUNDERHUB.

Successful usability makes you eager for more


The success of any application stands or falls with the keyword usability. What does this mean? The user-friendliness, "usability" or also software ergonomics of an application is called usability. If it is strenuous, complex and complicated - it is out. If it is easy, fast, self-explanatory and structured - the work step is as easy as checking a social media profile or placing an Amazon order. With an appealing start, the occupation with the most diverse stored functions comes all by itself. The user interface (UI) is important for this. Is it inviting to use the programme? Or does the user interface look outdated, cluttered and untidy? The interface design of the marketing portal should be as simple, appealing and clear as possible. An advantageous user interface resembles already known other applications. For example, the interface structure of the marketing portal WUNDERHUB is familiar to almost all users, like an online shop operating principle.

UX: The be-all and end-all

The keyword User Experience (UX) goes beyond usability. The right choice of a marketing portal depends primarily on how many people are actually interested in the new system with the decisive "joy of use". How does the user feel when using the platform? Does he have to search a lot and encounter error messages? The motivation is gone. The main goal of the new marketing platform is to make the daily work easier and simpler for the employees. Trial and error is not on the agenda. And no one should open the application reluctantly.

It's the mix that counts

For the successful implementation of the platform, an appealing design of the UI as well as a simple and fast user guidance of the UX are crucial. This is why it is so important to pay equal attention to design and usability when developing applications. Users need to be able to navigate quickly and easily from one point to another and reach their destination quickly. So if the platform looks sleek and uses cutting-edge technology, but is just confusing and illogically laid out, then it is useless. If the user guidance is smart but the look-and-feel of the marketing portal is maybe reminiscent of Windows 95, it is just as underperforming.

The ideal combination includes:
 An attractive modern interface that ideally uses elements familiar from other applications.
Simple and intuitive operation that allows you to reach your goal with as few clicks as possible.

Advantage WUNDERHUB, advantage efficiency


The right choice of a marketing portal is therefore primarily dependent on how many people are actually interested in the new system with the decisive "joy of use". The best PR within a company is acceptance. This binds and connects individuals and teams, internally and externally. WUNDERHUB can confidently claim that this advantage is built in. The claim stands up to any comparison, of course. You can believe it - you should experience it. As soon as possible.


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