Talk is silver, showing is gold. If we're writing all the time about the countless possibilities that WUNDERHUB offers you, we can at least take a closer look at a few concrete examples. All functions and all templates become YOUR individual intragroup as well as cross-group or cross-partner access and application options.

Use Cases
Use Cases
Use Cases

Optimize existing processes -
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No uncontrolled growth in the implementation of the corporate design, no improvised actions due to decentralized discrepancies. WUNDERHUB is the versatile and easily controllable torque between planning and implementation. Or in other words: between wish and reality. That saves nerves. And time. And money. Brand management is that simple today.

Marketing Portal

Small companies need it, larger companies need it even more urgently, large companies actually cannot do without it at all. And WUNDERHUB finally makes "rocket science" pragmatic, understandable, tangible and applicable. Control everything, standardize everything, provide everything flexibly AND in a predefined design: with CI-compliant templates and individual leeway within the framework of the specifications. Products, forms, campaigns, communication and much more in a fixed framework. Requests are yesterday's news. Making and releasing is of today, with WUNDERHUB. Quite simply central marketing for all. What is comprehensible and easy to use is fun. Especially when it leads to joint success. "Those in the south are once again doing what they want" - is a phrase from the past. Because now everything runs as it should.

Purchasing Portal

Purchasing and procurement processes are often small-scale, complex and therefore automatically time-consuming and cost-intensive. As a portal, WUNDERHUB can adapt to any need: the roots in marketing were quickly followed by further development in many other process chains. Whether employees at different locations are allowed to independently order work clothes in individual sizes, for example, or branches order regional marketing printed matter in the specified corporate design - it makes no difference to the portal. For the companies using it, however, it makes a huge difference - because digitalized processes, automatic approval workflows and transfer to the corresponding ERP system and thus from purchase-to-pay increase efficiency and success. Put an end to maverick buying with WUNDERHUB.

Media Portal

Whether for employees in your own company, for partners or for external parties, such as the press or trade fair companies: being able to access a service and download portal has numerous advantages. Whether graphics or images, certificates and logos, product descriptions or even complete advertising materials - every approved and/or authorized user can download the files according to your terms of use. In the past, sometimes even several people were involved in these processes, communication was exchanged, time delays occurred - with WUNDERHUB all information is digitally stored and available on demand. Effort minimized - result perfected.

Marketing Service

Stored image databases for the use of approved motifs, photos, logos and designs. Defined templates for local individualization, implementation of advertising measures, provision of materials for partners, service providers and much more: WUNDERHUB can organize all this. An important and automated service, which benefits all defined authorized users. Time-, location- and system-independent, customizable templates are available at the push of a button. Whether give-aways or business equipment, whether marketing campaign or press information: WUNDERHUB manages and distributes. Overview, status and documentation included - misunderstandings excluded. From sales to purchasing to campaign planning across all media. Internally and with partners. Wonderful, miraculous, WUNDERHUB.

Technology Portal

In the manufacturing industry, efficient, smooth spare parts management is an important component in the process chain. Without tying up personnel resources, WUNDERHUB pulls the strings here. All procurement processes are stored centrally, standardized and accessible to all parties involved at any time in self-service mode. Whether wear parts or other requirements: inquiries and orders from all branches are completely automated in defined templates. The same applies to the subsequent dispatch, the documentation or the individual approval that may be required. The possibility of linking to existing ERP systems is possible without any problems. Also in this area of application WUNDERHUB provides the digital push to more satisfaction.

Mailing Portal

Create postal mailings, i.e. direct mail advertising letters yourself: no problem, with WUNDERHUB. With fixed templates and customizable parts (selectable images, location information, etc.), a professional one-to-one marketing campaign is created in no time at all. Stored addresses can be selected from the system and entered the other way around. The connection to the company's own ERP systems is just as smooth as the subsequent processing of stored fulfillment services. For example, transfer of documents to printing centers, postage optimization and mail delivery. This applies to cross-media mailings including online landing pages, simple customer letters as form letters or partially personalized insert distribution. Off you go, with WUNDERHUB.

For my industry

With our examples we can only give an insight into a few selected industries. But surely your imagination is big and you can transfer the applications with WUNDERHUB to every imaginable demand. If there are any doubts or questions – please contact us, so we can satisfy you.

Wunderhub Demo
Wunderhub Demo
Wunderhub Demo

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What sounds good in theory looks even better in practice.
Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.