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Mayer-Kuvert-network, as the holding company of the Mayer Group, is one of Europe's leading groups of companies in the manufacture and sale of mailing and packaging solutions, with 30 companies in 16 countries. The product range comprises over 800 different envelopes, mailing bags and lightweight packaging. In addition to their core business of envelopes and mailing bags, they are also establishing new segments such as lightweight packaging, as well as new media and services.

Referenzen Mayer-Kuvert-network
Referenzen Mayer-Kuvert-network
Referenzen Mayer-Kuvert-network

The central purchasing platform

Why Mayer-Kuvert-network loves WUNDERHUB?

  • Usability: Quick & easy to set up and use.
  • Interface: Integration into existing processes possible without any problems thanks to SAP interface.
  • Analytics: Marketing activities, campaigns, budgets - everything under control thanks to budget and marketing planning.

Mission: Central platform with SAP interface








With the WUNDERHUB marketing portal, the Mayer Group optimizes its internal processes. All locations of the Mayer Group access the EINKAUFHUB. The EINKAUFHUB offers the central platform for all internal orders with direct SAP integration.

From operating supplies to business equipment to marketing materials - everything in just one portal.

Keep it simple

Orders for the employees as simple as possible but still everything under control - many companies have these challenges. As soon as SAP is used for order processing in companies, an interface is essential. WUNDERHUB enables the Mayer Group to process countless orders daily via the SAP interface and thus integrates seamlessly into the already existing corporate structures. Thanks to the user-friendly interface in WUNDERHUB, complicated order inquiries are a thing of the past.

Declaration of love

Martin Pagenkopf – Bereichsleiter Logistik und Einkauf Deutschland Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH
Martin Pagenkopf – Bereichsleiter Logistik und Einkauf Deutschland Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH
Martin Pagenkopf – Bereichsleiter Logistik und Einkauf Deutschland Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH

With our EINKAUFHUB implemented by WUNDERHUB, we now have a central platform for all our orders in our group. All colleagues, regardless of location, can log in quickly and easily via single sign-on and complete their orders in our purchasing portal.

Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH

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Wunderhub Demo
Wunderhub Demo
Wunderhub Demo

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Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.