Here, the intelligence is not artificial. WUNDERHUB's highly trained and dedicated team consists of specialists from a wide range of disciplines.
With a lot of know-how in programming, a wide variety of system landscapes, digital process chains and plenty of practical project experience from a wide range of industries.
And then there is the passion for consulting, customer proximity and dialog.


Your Crew

On the ball, on deck, always up - our team's eyes, ears and support are always there for you. Here, each hand knows what the other is doing. And how to provide a good feeling in addition to a wonderful portal quite automatically.

My HUB –
responsible for wonders

In contrast to the wonder bag, however, you will not experience any surprises. Except, of course, that you will be surprised at how many places and areas you can profit with WUNDERHUB. Nevertheless, you know exactly what you're getting - because you choose your favorite version yourself. Behind every wonder, however, is a lot of know-how, a wealth of experience from best practice examples, extensive service and a wonderful amount of passion for groundbreaking IT in trusting customer relationships.

Wunderhub Logo
Wunderhub Logo
Wunderhub Logo


When we talk about service at WUNDERHUB, it means receiving all services from a single source. This does not only apply to the software transfer of the portal with all related follow-up services and technical support - but also to many other offers and consulting around various digitization topics. From process optimization to integration to fulfillment, we are available for all wishes and requirements that move you and your company. Or should move in the future. Whether it's a requirement or an area - it's worth asking.


From provisioning, instruction and training to permanent support and availability at any time: you are never alone with any question or concern. We set up the portal with you to the individual desired version and we train you and other admins and users in a short time to become real professionals in the use of the functions. Everything remains alive, dynamic and agile. That means, there might be new wishes, questions or ideas, for which we are your backup at any time. We are also constantly developing ourselves and our roadmap with every challenge you set us.


The expertise with portal solutions, software and technology is big. Our company constellation includes novadex GmbH, which developed the first version of the brand and marketing portal and installed it back in 2011. Since then, new experience values have been permanently incorporated into the further development, tools have been improved, functions have been expanded and the value chain for using companies has been optimized. Nothing gives you a bigger head start than experience. We are not distributors of the solution - it is OURS. We love it and we live it. Every day. And our team is constantly expanding with new professionals bringing new IT superpowers.


When campaigns are planned and implemented, this always gives rise to further needs. We support in the handling of production, storage, packaging, logistics & shipping. Whether small, medium or large volumes - we can handle them. Numerous printed materials, marketing materials, advertising materials and much more: we procure, finish and ship reliably and quickly. No matter to how many shipping addresses, no matter where in Europe. So that you can take care of your company's core business, we take care of everything else. From the initial idea to delivery. We think that is a well-rounded solution. We will gladly provide you with further information.

Wunderhub Demo
Wunderhub Demo
Wunderhub Demo

I'll check out a 
demo version

What sounds good in theory looks even better in practice.
Take a look at the use of the functionalities and the many possibilities using the example of an individual implementation for our MUSTERCOMPANY. If everything goes well, it's already pretty self-explanatory.